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Letting go of your inner mean girl - an introduction to self-compassion

Do you frequently criticize, berate or belittle yourself? Is your inner mean girl always telling you that you're not good enough? Many of us fall into the trap of self-criticism believing it will help us be more successful. Yet research has shown that it just leads us to be more unhappy and unmotivated. On the other hand, treating ourselves with self-compassion has shown to significantly improve our happiness, motivation and relationships. 

Letting Go of Your Inner Mean Girl is a series of 4 events run by Australian clinical psychologist Dr Kassandra Gratwick-Sarll, exploring how self-compassion can transform your life. 




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Here are some testimonials from the latest self-compassion events. 


"Kass embodied love and compassion, and it was contagious in the room. The event was well thought out, informative  and executed very well. Created a great, sharing, welcoming space". - Emma
"This workshop was engaging and well delivered. I got a set of tools for relating to myself in a better and kinder way. I would recommend this to young women who struggle with trying to do and be it all". - Rosie
"Really warm and welcoming workshop, where I left with tools that I could implement in my life right away". - Jennifer
"Fantastic! Warm, open-hearted but also a perfect balance of information. I'll be back!". - Dani


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