General Coaching






There are times in life when we just want to get an outsider's perspective, when we want to get some clarity of where we're headed in life,
or we feel like we could use some extra guidance


Many of us feel like we'd benefit from going to talk to someone at different times in our lives, yet we often shy away from seeking out support, believing that our problems or issues aren't serious or valid enough to see a psychologist or psychotherapist. We often feel like we need to work through it on our own and internalise struggles that we experience.

Yet struggle, imperfection and feelings of inadequacy are a natural part of being a human being and we all go through times when extra support is needed. Seeking out medical attention when we need it isn't seen as a weakness, it's just what you do, and in the same vein, admitting your going through a challenging time and seeking support is not admitting defeat. Far from it. It can be the strongest thing to do.

This is where mind coaching comes in. It provides you with the opportunity to identify and explore various issues in your life and get the skills you need to successfully navigate through these concerns. 


You will benefit from coaching if you're looking to:

>> Get clarity on where your life is headed and work out what your next move is

>> Overcome certain roadblocks that keep popping up in your life

>> Cope with adjusting to change

>> Improve your relationship

>> Understand yourself better, what makes you tick, and how to live a happy and fulfilled life

>> Build a more accepting relationship with yourself and learn how to let go of self-criticism

>> Work on your feelings of stress, anxiety or low mood


I take a compassionate, solution-focused approach to coaching. I believe that everyone has the ability to make changes in their life and that there is no stigma in seeking out a professional to help us to get there.