Established in 2017 by Dr Kassandra Gratwick-Sarll, the aim of Mind Coach NYC is to provide a support service for those who may not fully require intensive psychotherapy, or may not have access to it, whether for financial reasons, lack of available services, or otherwise. 

Prior to relocating to New York, Kass was working as a clinical psychologist in Australia, specializing in cognitive behavioural therapies, such as CBT, DBT, ACT, Self-Compassion Focused Therapy and Mindfulness. Additionally, Kass worked in a family therapy model to support adolescents and their families to overcome eating disorders. 

With a doctorate in clinical psychology from Australia’s top-ranked university, the Australian National University, a dozen journal articles, and further training completed since graduating from her doctorate, Kass is highly educated in modern psychological practice. 

Please note that while Kass is registered as a clinical psychologist in Australia, she is not currently in the state of New York, and the coaching services offered by Mind Coach NYC are not a substitute for psychological intervention. 

Kass is also the co-founder of Happiness Insight, a platform that aims to give individuals access to psychological tools and strategies that can help make good lives great. She has run numerous workshops across Australia, and has since transformed these workshops into online courses. She is also currently a mindfulness teacher on the app Aura

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